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Stones and Sticks of Butter

Photo by chefranden on flickr

Photo by chefranden on flickr

I read all kinds of fitness and weight-related blogs, and my across-the-pond counterparts have taught me many interesting little facts over the years. For instance, there was a time (long long ago) when I didn’t know that the British report their weight in stones as well as kg.

I was befuddled the first time I came across this unit of measurement. It turns out “stones” are about as logical as American “inches” or anything else that is, oh, say . . . not the metric system. For those who haven’t come across this before, 1 stone is equal to approximately 14 lbs. Random and hard to remember? Sure. But I’m still jealous.

Because stones are such a vivid unit of measurement. I picture huge boulders piled high atop the scale! Stonehenge! Oh, the weight of it all!

It reminds me of how weight-loss programs seek to encourage participants by giving them lists of objects equal to the weight they may have lost. Here’s a short list I’ve found from a quick jaunt around the internet:

1 lb equals . . . 4 sticks of butter
10 lbs equals . . . a bowling ball
25 lbs equals . . . 3 gallons of milk
50 lbs equals . . . a 5-year-old!

I’m not planning to start recording my weight in 5-year-olds (4!), but it’s still an amusing reference guide.


2 Responses

  1. It’s interesting that the calorie content of 4 sticks of butter is around 3500 or one pound added if eaten.

  2. . . . And the plot thickens!

    Thanks for that little factoid, Dr. J.

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