Manga (hint: it’s not a fruit)

About five years ago I started reading manga. That’s right, those little “comics” from Asia that have taken over several aisles in your local Borders at this point. They come in series for the most part, but they’re bound like little paperback books.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m going to introduce: Useful Weight-Loss Lessons from Manga.

Those dots on Age-chan's face are supposed to be zits, FYI.

Today’s manga wisdom comes from Papillon, Volume 1. It’s the story of the “ugly” older twin, Ageha, who has always resignedly hung out in her vivacious twin Hana’s shadow. When Hana goes after Ageha’s crush, however, all bets are off and Age-chan starts to evolve with the help of her (admittedly pervy—par for the course in manga) school guidance counselor. A few tips on going for the goal:

1. Your attitude affects your behavior. The, um, “unconventional” high-school guidance counselor grabs a picture of Ageha and her crush that she’s been keeping in her date book and doodles things like “We’re in a relationship” on it. Not much different from creating a visualization board/vision collage or reciting a mantra as part of your weight-loss efforts, right?

Manga text reads right to left

FYI: Manga text reads right to left

2. No need to be shy about it. Telling others about your fitness goals is how you find a network of support.
In what seems like a disastrous turn for Ageha, the photo of her and dreamboy with the doodles on it is discovered by a classmate and passed around her entire homeroom. Even her crush sees it . . . Gah! I’m so glad I’m not in high school anymore. Naturally Age-chan freaks out and when she runs into her guidance counselor, she’s miserable and furious at him for doodling on the photo in the first place. Now everyone knows her secret! His response takes her off guard:

The counselor sees the bright side of Ageha's secret being out.

A bright side to the secret being out?

How to find supporters. . . .

How to find supporters. . . .

So . . . those are just few little pearls of manga advice for you today. Yes, I’m a geek, but at least I’m open-minded. I takes my inspiration wherever I can find it!


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  1. LOL@ it’s not a fruit.

    My previous weight loss attempts were kept secret because I was afraid to fail and have people judge me. This time around, I’m shouting it from the roof tops because I want that accountability. I want to feel like people are monitoring my progress.

    Manga’s right. It’s a good thing the secret is out.

    Glad I came across your blog!

  2. Hi Butterfly, thanks for stopping by! I think that sharing our goals reinforces the interconnectedness between people striving for the same types of results. Knowing that people will be checking on and care about your progress can make a big difference.

  3. Great, now I’ve got to run out to read what happens…lol

    Yeah, I’ve found that sharing your endeavors with people around you really does help. My friends are aware of my eating plan and try to help by finding places we can eat together without throwing me off track. They’re also willing to go for a work-out or something active to help stay the course of getting exercise into our day. People generally want to see you succeed, it inspires them to do something for themselves alot of times.

  4. Hi BeckStein, sorry to leave you in suspense ;) I’m already waiting for the second book in the series to come out… it’s like a soap opera the way manga strings you along!

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