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Soundbite of the Day

“Counting calories is so 1980s.”

Soooooo 80s.

Soooooo 80s.

This one comes from a tap dancer in a Broadway musical. In a recent New York Times article, however, she goes on to admit, “But when it’s right there, it’s kind of hard to ignore.” She’s referring to the recent policy of listing calorie counts on menus in New York.

They say that everything comes back around. Like when flared pants came back for that brief period in the 90s. And, more recently, those mod mini-dresses. So why not calorie-counting? If Atkins could make a comeback, why not the unglamorous yet persistent calorie? Indeed.

Soon they’ll be renaming it the nouveau calorie-based weight-loss plan. Shortened to NCBWLP, naturally, because acronyms sound authoritative. Someone go buy that web domain, STAT! Let’s make lots of money.

Everything old is new again. Except my lime-green raver pants from 1996. I suspect they may never be poised for a comeback.


4 Responses

  1. I dunno, I think you’d look cute in lime green pants. :)

    Calorie counting worked for me, as long as I made sure the calories were good ones.

  2. Cammy, you’re too kind. Really. You are. I wish I had a pic of those pants around somewhere!

  3. I’ve got a few clothes in the back of the closet that are a bit scary too!

    Sometimes at Halloween I find a use for them!

  4. Just a few, Dr. J? I’ve gotten ride of tons of random clothes in the last decade, but random shiny clubbing items keep popping up ;).

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