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Um, So Like, When Is She Going to Drop the Weight?

I created this site two weeks ago, titled it Liz Drops the Weight, and . . . have yet to lose a single pound. I haven’t even been trying. But the time is nigh!

Last night, after I decided to give the therapy a go (one individual and one group session per week, and my checkbook is screaming bloody murder by the way), I mused on the fact that I’m really ultra super tired of being fat. Nothing new there. But I’m ready to take action. John expressed concern because he knows change of any kind is often tough on me, and here I just committed to starting some pretty intensive counseling. Am I up to adding another big change to my life simultaneously?

It was a very good question, the kind of thoughtful point I’ve grown to appreciate from John. At the same time, I feel like the counseling and weight-loss could go hand in hand very nicely. And I don’t want to go through yet another Texas summer obese! Unless you’ve spent months upon end fat and living in 100-degree heat, you don’t know what that’s like. It’s revolting, exhausting, and dispiriting.

I’ll be hitting up Weight Watchers (not for the first time) on Sunday afternoon to get the ball rolling. I can do this. Also, my secret dream? To be one of those Success Stories on their website. I’m putting that out there even though I feel a bit sheepish admitting it. But as the manga story the other day taught us, sharing your dreams puts you one step closer to your goals!

Special Halloween bonus: The scariest music video ever, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Watch out for: a haunted boarding school; Bonnie Tyler’s hair; terrifying schoolboys with demonically glowing eyes—seriously (evidently this is what she means by  “turn around bright eyes”?); choreographed ninja dancing at 1:20; various homoerotic scenes involving the boarding-school boys dressed alternately as fencers, tumblers, swimmers, wrestlers, and football players. Plot twist at the end! Apparently Bonnie Tyler is a total cougar and is actually one of the professors at the school?? Most terrifying moment: A tie between the incidents at 3:34 and 5:11. You just have to see this for yourself to believe it.


3 Responses

  1. Some of the weight we drop is emotional in nature. I haven’t figured out a way to get that to show up on the stoopid scale. :) You’re doing GREAT, and I am SURE we will see you on that success story page (FANTASTIC goal, btw)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I am doing Weight watchers (after hundreds of other diets). Have lost about 10 so far in several months. I used to weight 350. Now I’m down over 100 lbs and have kept it off though recent chemo and steroids caused a 20lbs gain — I am back down again. So you can do this thing.

    I read an oprah article that got me started originally — after my husband died and I realized I was going to be alone and how was a fat lump going to pick her ass off the ground if her husband was dead? I can’t say if the Oprah item will help you but I found it very motivating for that kick in the ass that I needed. Here is the link.


  3. Cammy: That’s so true, about the emotional weight. I’m hoping to drop a LOT of that!

    POD: Thanks so much for stopping by! I will definitely check out that Oprah article, and I’m so impressed by your success in managing your weight despite the adversity you’ve been dealing with.

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