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Weigh-in 1: Wheezing into the Glorious Future

Despite the nasty cold I’ve been stuck at home with all weekend, I couldn’t break the promise I made Friday about returning to Weight Watchers today. I weighed in, was dismayed but fairly unsurprised by the 202.8 lbs the scale registered (having already been psychologically braced by an informal at-home weigh-in last week), and sat in the back of the room, violently sucking on a cough drop so that no one would suspect the truth: I have the Plague.

I even stayed and sat through the Newcomers introduction to Weight Watchers at the end of the meeting, despite the fact that I could practically give that spiel myself at this point. But I want to make a full, concerted effort and I wanted to dot my i’s, so to speak. Thus I found myself watching a demonstration of how to use a Points slider for approximately the 200th time in my life but still managed to restrain myself from clucking impatiently.

Sadly, next Sunday is evidently the annual Top Secret Weight Watchers powwow, at which grand revelations regarding 2009 plan changes will be dramatically revealed. I imagine that all participants will be blind-folded before they are taken to the secret location, and there may be ritualized blood-letting and pinkie-finger-swearing oaths of honor taking place before the day is done. What this means for me is no meeting next Sunday because all the leaders will have been beamed up to the corporate pod . . . so I’ll be weighing in that Monday instead.

Here’s a before picture for you, taken earlier today. You can’t even tell I’m on my deathbed and about to cough up a lung! Can you?

202.8 lbs

1st WW weigh-in day: 202.8 lbs


5 Responses

  1. Dang, I wish I looked that good when I had the plague. (Are you sure it’s not Dengue Fever?)

    Feel better soon!

  2. hey Liz,

    thanks so much for your comment! Yes that outfit was a bit of a splurge at Macy’s yesterday! I feel so blessed..sorry to hear that you are sick- that is no fun!! but keep it up…i know that the hard work will pay off, right?! We just got to take it one hour/day at a time and focus on treating our bodies good. taking care of ourselves. good luck to you!! YOU CAN DO IT! Let this week be the week! Start it off right ;- )

  3. Sorry you don’t feel good, buddy! I’m sure you will recover

  4. I just wanted to encourage you! You are doing great! Weight watchers does work!! Hope you feel better!!

  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for the encouragement and get-well wishes! I’m still languishing today (because I have to do everything, including getting a cold, melodramatically), but on the bright side I have a fridge and pantry stocked with good, healthy food.

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