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A Mad Scientist Tries to Find the Question

I think it’s time for a haircut. This is what I woke up to today:

Bad hair day.

Bad hair day.

Earlier this week, MizFit asked the question: What question do you want your blog’s tagline to answer? Another way to think about this: What is your slogan? I mused on the fact that I have had various cynical mantras (“this is not my life; it is merely a black comedy”) but no positive slogan per se, no banner flying high declaring my passion or purpose.

“Service blogs,” as I think of them, are out there providing valuable information and outlooks to others who are in need of this knowledge or perspective. It seems that their answers to the blog-purpose question are more straight-forward. On a personal blog like mine, created first and foremost to help me vent and feel less alone in my weight-loss efforts, it’s a bit trickier.

Sometimes the only way to figure out the question is to look at the answers so far. I confess, I’m at sea, but here’s what I’ve gleaned from looking back over the paltry two weeks I’ve been writing this blog:

Progress, not perfection, is an important philosophy.

I’m interested in getting inspiration and information from a wide variety of sources (ranging from manga to weight-loss-community sites).

It’s okay and maybe even necessary to have a sense of humor about the whole weight-loss process.

I want to make some long-lasting fitness-minded friends here online so that we can all support each other.

Mental health and attitude play an important role in my personal weight-loss journey.

So . . . what’s the question that all of this tries to answer? Um, I’ll get back to you on that one. Maybe I just haven’t figured out my tagline yet . . . and that’s okay.

And now on to some of my favorite online reads currently:

Annette’s Awakening gives out helpful tips and strategies that have helped Annette to lose 70 lbs so far.

True tales of models and eating/weight issues, a threepart series by part-time model and student Jess.

Stephanie addressed the important issue of self-sabotage on Back in Skinny Jeans.


9 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out :D


  2. No problem, Jess! Those posts were a very interesting read.

  3. great conclusions, Liz! And I love your jumping-off point. Now if only I could be so reasonable;)

  4. Thanks, Charlotte! Reasonableness comes and goes for me, truthfully. I wish I was more “salt of the earth” but honestly I’m more of an over-thinker, under-doer.

  5. Liz,
    How about a tag like “My Life, My Journey!”? It is the journey not the destination that makes us grow.

    Don’t be too critical on yourself. As I grow older, I realize that growth is not a straight line, but a bunch of zig-zags. Sometimes, a lot of them!!!

    I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best in your journey!

  6. over thinker under doer
    I LOVE THAT PHRASE yet why does it *not* seem to describe the you weve seen on your blog :)

    and the hair? perfection. I miss my days of short hair when I would wake up with what I deemed a PLANT on my head.

    tempted to cut it all off,

  7. Gerald: Hey, that’s a pretty good one! And thanks for the worldly wisdom regarding being self-critical.

    Miz: I dunno . . . my thoughts get a LOT of activity, but the rest of me . . . not so much ;).

  8. ooooh Im in AUSTIN TOO!

  9. Miz: Uh oh, it’s ON. . . . Race you to BookPeople!

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