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Mini to the Max!

The Turtle visits the Minimax

The Turtle visits the Minimax

Earlier today, my boyfriend and I rode our bikes to the Minimax to pick up a select few groceries (milk, apples, pears . . . um, chips?). The Minimax is probably one of the last of the small independent grocery stores left in the town. I love it, despite the fact that the aisles don’t go on for miles and you can’t find your more “exotic” (read: hummus and pita) items on the shelves there.

One of the best things about the Minimax is its proximity to our house: Only a little over a mile away, it’s a brisk bike ride there and back. There’s nothing like going to a smaller, non-crowded grocery store on a beautiful Saturday, picking up those essentials you were running low on, and then heading back out into the cool blue sunshine, groceries packed into your backpack or your front basket.


5 Responses

  1. Great blog and great work on the bike riding!

    (MsCarolM from Twitter here:-)

  2. We have one independent grocery store left in our town! It’s been here a while and I’m happy to say, well supported. But heck with that! What I really want to say is, LOVE THE BIKE!! I wrote a post a few months ago about my cruiser “Desperado!” That bike and I have had our share of good times, and I just had another great ride on it this week! Cruisers rock!

  3. Carol: Thanks for the props; my plan today is to walk 2 miles, continuing my “small steps” to fitness plan :).

    Dr. J: Cruisers rule!! My bike is an Electra Townie and it’s so fun to ride.

  4. Our bikes and helmets are the same colors! Only I think my bike may be a tad cuter. It would be a LOT cuter with one of those nifty baskets and a rack bag. (must work on those)

  5. Cammy: My bike is TOTALLY the cutest!! I just need some festive stickers on it, or something. . . . :b

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