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Hair and There

As demonstrated in Wednesday’s post, it had become painfully obvious that I needed a haircut. This morning, as one of my small steps toward fitness I decided to walk down to Birds Barbershop, which is only a little over a mile away. Still, I never would have thought of walking there even a week ago—despite the beautiful weather. It just wouldn’t have entered my mind. Non-scale victory, turtle progress!

All Tidied Up!

All Tidied Up!

I’ll be watching Ruby tonight on the Style Network. It’s about dramatic weight-loss, to be sure—a 500-pound woman is the eponymous star of the show—but somehow it sounds as though it will be less of a circus than Biggest Loser. Ruby sounds like the sort of person most of us would love to hang with and the show’s site is awesome with lots of goodies to discover. I’m hoping to compare notes on this one with some of you guys tomorrow!


6 Responses

  1. Great cut! It really showcases your eyes!

    Great minds think alike on Ruby. I’m watching it, too, and I really enjoyed the first episode.

  2. Thanks, Cammy! My boyfriend and I watched the first episode of Ruby together and we both thought it brought up some really good issues.

  3. I had the same hair cutter for years till she moved across the country to the Left coast! Oh the pain!! I’m still looking for someone as good :-(

    Nice new do, by the way!!

  4. A good stylist can be hard to find, Dr. J. I feel your pain. I hope you find a new one soon, before you get too shaggy!

  5. Walking is great! I wasn’t raised with much religion, yet I feel guilt if I drive anything under 2 miles, ever. My parents still walk and bike to the store, and I only ever drive to go hiking. Ah, environmental guilt.

    Great haircut

  6. Julie: You go hiking? That’s awesome and rugged!

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