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My First Week on Weight Watchers

I’ll be heading to my first weigh-in straight from work this evening, and right now I can honestly say I’m strangely relaxed about it. In previous Weight Watching incarnations, I was fraught with tension pre-weigh-in because I felt that if I hadn’t lost a certain amount of weight that week, it meant the whole effort was pointless.

I have followed the Points system quite well this first week; my main problem was not always getting in the 5 daily fruits and vegetables that are part of the WW healthy guidelines. This week I will do a little better in that area. I haven’t really created a regular exercise schedule yet, and that’s also on tap for this week. Exercise tends to make a lot of difference in my weight-loss progress. I don’t want to overdo it, but I would like to get out there and walk 5 days a week. Who’s with me?

Ever since I decided it was okay if the weight came off slowly, I’ve been feeling a lot better about life in general and getting in shape in particular. Once I decided to focus on two goals for the coming year (improving my mental health and getting out of the obese category), I felt quite a bit of tension subside. If you are stressing out right now about life and can postpone a few of your goals in order to focus on the one or two most important ones and devote a full year to these, I highly recommend it.

Did anyone else watch Ruby last night? What did you think? I will definitely be tuning in for the next episode. My boyfriend and I watched it together and both agreed that a lot of interesting and important points came up in the show. And as one person on the Ruby message boards commented, “it’s a REAL reality show,” if you know what I mean. No host, no zany challenges, just a very large woman facing her beast.


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  1. Good luck at your weigh-in. I’m new (again) and I know what you mean about taking on too many goals at once. My goal right now is to get into the habit of journaling. In the past, I have quit journaling when I was having trouble staying within my points allowance. Soon after, I would quit WW altogether. My only other weight-related goal is to exercise daily. I agree that it makes the weightloss journey work.

    So, good luck with your goals!

  2. You’re doing great and you’ve got a terrific attitude. Glad to meet you via wwtweets!

    Amy in OHio

  3. Regan, the regular journaling sounds like an excellent goal. What kind of exercise do you think you’ll be doing? I’m starting with walking and I’ll just take it from there I think.

    Amy: Thanks and nice to meet you too!

  4. Hi, would you all like to visit my new Diet Debate blog at chezbarbs.wordpress.com?

  5. Hi again, it had taken me a while to think of a domain name that was unique, and now I have trouble remembering it, in my last post it should be chebarbz.wordpress.com – sorry about that! Barbz.

  6. How much do I love this post? Okay, far more than is mentally healthy, probably.

    I sure hope the slow and steady approach works as well for you as it did for me. It seemed like once I accepted that I was in this to be healthy (as opposed to ‘thin’) that all the little cylinders and bolts fell in place and the world made sense. I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!

    I also love that you’re starting with walking and taking it from there. As you move along, you may decide to try other things, or you may choose to challenge yourself with variations in your walking routines. Either way, you win!


  7. ok Im going the Ruby route…I LOVED IT and adored that it was kind….for lack of a better word.

    I set my tivo to record the series.

  8. Cammy: Thanks for all the moral support, your comments always boost my spirits!

    MizFit: “Kind” is a good word for the show; or “human,” maybe?

  9. WW is the only “system” that I have personally seen work for weight loss. Just exercise and educate yourself as you transition off WW. The failures I’ve seen do not learn how to make it on their own, when they leave whatever supplied method they were using.

  10. Dr. J, that’s encouraging, what you say about WW. And transitioning from the formal program does seem to be the pivotal element. The maintainers are the ones to watch, for me to see how it’s done!

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