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Weigh-in: Anchors Away

ist2_4762716-anchor-iconMy weigh-in last night showed a 3.6-lb loss for the past week, putting me just under the 200-lb mark again! So I guess I’m doing something right.

The meeting was meh. My regular meeting schedule will be the Sunday afternoon meeting, and I’m glad. The leader last night kept asking questions and then staring expectantly at the group, and during the awkward pauses I could hear “Bueller? Bueller?” echoing in my head. And then inevitably the same two women would bray their opinions. A couple of times a few other hesitant souls would venture a guess to the leader’s Socratic-style questions and I swear to God that on at least one of these occasions, they were made to feel as if their answer were somehow wrong. Oh, please! This is a Weight Watchers meeting, not law school!

The topic of the meeting: Anchors for the holiday season. Touchstones to keep you grounded and focused despite the madness swirling all around in the form of consumerism, family which you may or may not be pleased to see, and baked goods. One of the women who was basically shot down mentioned that the anchor could be something like a piece of clothing you want to fit into, but when the leader gave her a vaguely disapproving hawklike stare, she mumbled, “Maybe it’s a little materialistic.”

Well, we can’t all be Joan of Arc after all, and I’m totally planning to go the materialistic anchor route! I’m currently in the market for a little bracelet or something to wear every day that I can touch or look down at to re-center myself and recommit to my plan. How about you? Do you have an anchor that reminds you of your goals and helps to keep you resolved even when things get mental in your life?


9 Responses

  1. Congrats! I updated the wwtweets roster to reflect this awesome loss!


  2. Amy, thanks a lot for keeping track of our stats!

  3. It’s so funny, we have a couple leaders like that – BORING. It’s so hard to muster the energy to stay for the meeting when you know you’re gonna be bored senseless.

    But I’m glad your regular meeting leader will keep you motivated!

  4. wow, I’ll say you’re doing something right! Well done…

    My touchstone is a copy of a blood pressure prescription that halved my dosage. I got it about 20 pounds in, and I’m going to get him to write a ‘no prescription needed’ when I’m able to get off the medication completely. :)

  5. Cammy: Your touchstone rocks—and obviously has major personal significance. I love that and I’m a teensy bit jealous because I can’t find anything meaningful in my possession like that… guess I’ll just have to buy myself something after all ;).

  6. As soon as you said ‘bracelet,’ I thought of these. I think the image of the cairn is pretty appropriate for re-centering one’s self.

    Also, the wristbands just kind of rock; I have a running lady one that I adore and can promise the whole webbing-and-steel thing just looks cooler the more you wear it!

  7. GwC: Oh my God, that’s exactly the sort of anchor I was thinking of—thank you so much for the link!

  8. Glad I could help!

  9. That’s AWESOME good loss for the week!

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