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This Is a Weight-Loss Blog, Not Great Literature

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not trying to prove to the world that I am witty and have an above-average IQ on this blog. I am just trying to lose some weight and keep myself accountable and in touch with myself, and hopefully make some friends as well.

Today I don’t have poetry or even hilarious anecdotes flowing through my veins. Today is prosaic in the extreme (if that isn’t an oxymoron).

I wanted to write about how I totally STOLE from my therapist last night. And about how it was for a good cause! Me! And my kleptomania (actually, that’s one of the few diagnoses I haven’t flirted with). I ripped an article by Crazy Sexy Cancer lady Kris Carr out of the copy of Natural Health sitting on the table in the waiting room. I wanted to write passionately about how amazing this badass chick is, taking control of her health and bridging the two worlds of alternative and Western medicine, and living to the fullest with Stage IV cancer for years already. But sometimes words fail me, so here’s a link to a scan I did of the article. It will totally inspire you, no matter what challenge or potentially debilitating fear you are living with.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

As I mentioned, I had therapy last night and my feathers got all ruffled because I came early especially to watch some video, only to find the door to the video room locked. So I got there early for nothing, and then the appointment started late on top of that, and then I found out that the group therapy the counselor was going to put me in is full. I am not overly impressed with all of this, considering it is costing me beaucoup cash.

Last night I packed my polka-dotted lunch-container full of food for work today, then slept poorly but still woke up feeling well enough to hit the office. Re-realized that the buses here are supposed to go on strike tomorrow, which is a bitch because that’s how I usually commute. Felt a bit hungry in the morning but didn’t go into Liz Tantrum Mode. Ate lunch, then took over my little basket of toiletries to store in my locker at the gym here. The idea is that I will incorporate exercise into my commute and then shower/get ready in the locker room not too far from my office.

This is just everyday life with all its petty irritations, money woes, and chores. This is just a blog, after all.