3 Organizational Strategies for Weight Loss

Lately the universe has hammered home to me the lesson that in order to succeed in any number of ventures, including weight loss, putting certain organizational strategies into place multiplies the chances of success.

Tidy Up.

How can you create a masterwork if you can’t even find your paintbrush? How can you plan a delicious new meal if you don’t know what’s in your fridge—or, for that matter, what that moldy item lurking in the crisper drawer is? Throw out things that are past their eat-by date, sort through your coupons, organize your tupperware. Figure out what you’re working with.

planner2Sometimes you need to tidy up your calendar rather than your physical environment. Blackberries and iPhones are great and I’m certainly no neo-Luddite, but sometimes nothing can compete with an old-fashioned hard-copy day-planner with half hours blocked off.

Do The Prep Work.

A post on Abundance Blog about mise en place or “to put in place” reminded me that doing the nuts-and-bolts legwork in advance makes it possible to execute a plan with ease, whether you’re making a recipe or going to the gym.

Doing the prep work—the veggie chopping and utensil-locating—ahead of time makes preparing a meal more relaxing. Laying out your gym clothes the night before gives you one less excuse to put off your morning workout.

Visualize All The Angles.

If you’re a visual person, brain-storming the various elements of your particular goal in advance can give you the reassurance you need that you have all your bases covered, which in turn bolsters your confidence in the plan and in your chance of success.

Here’s just one example of a diagram you might draw to help you consider all the angles:

Click on diagram for full-sized image

Click on diagram for full-sized image

An itemized list might suit some people better, because we all have our own way of assessing where we are and where we want to be. Laying down the structural foundations for success enables us to focus more on the present once we set out on the pathway toward our goals.

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